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Thursday, 23 September 2010

FREE Send SMS to Nepal...

Send FREE SMS to Nepal

Select the appropriate Mobile Service Provider for free SMS to Nepal

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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Nonoh Free calls Country List ..

Nonoh Offering free calls to some selected Country ...Try it 


Barablu .. Make Free calls through your Mobile Or PC

barablu is free software you can download to your
mobile phone or computer, that enables you to
make free calls and chat to other barablu users.
Anyone can download barablu...there is no reason
you should pay for calls.

Everyone wins

You win:

If both you and your friends have barablu on
your mobiles, you can talk to each other for free*,
for as long as you want.

Your friends on other IM’s win:

If your friends are not on barablu yet, but have a Skype®, MSN® Messenger, Google Talk™, Yahoo!™, AIM® Instant
Messenger or an ICQ® account, you can import their contacts and still talk to them.

Your non-techie friends win:

If you want to phone someone that is not on barablu, we offer really cheap rates to call landlines and mobile phones.

Friday, 17 September 2010

How to make calls Over the internet

oice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology enables anyone to make and receivefree phone calls over the internet. This revolutionary technology has the ability to totally change the phone system of the entire world!
VoIP is set to revolutionize the communication industry because it means anyone can totally bypass traditional telephone companies.
VoIP is an exciting technology that is about to ROCK a $750 billion dollar a year industry! The impact will be more profound than that of either cell-phones or the Internet… It encompasses both!
VoIP service provider such as Jajah, Globe7, Skype, GooberCall and many others are enabling users worldwide to make free phone calls from landlines, cell phones and from PC. At the outset using VoIP involved using special software, a microphone, speakers (or headset), a sound card, a broadband or cable DSL Internet connection, nowadaysfree phone calls can be made from traditional landlines, cell phones and from PC and internet based services.
Almost everyday new IP phones are being released onto the market, these looks like standard telephones but are designed for connecting directly to internet connections. Many Voip service providers offer standard features such as:
  • Call waiting
  • Three way calling
  • Call forwarding
  • Caller I.D.
  • Repeat dial
  • Last call return
Then there are some advanced features that make VoIP something worth looking into. With some service providers you can set up call-filtering options, and actually have some control over how calls from certain numbers are handled.
On this website we give you all the latest information showing where you can make free voip phone calls using several sources


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