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Thursday, 25 November 2010

I've tried SONEPHONE free calls today,It's work for me...Check out with proof ...

How it works ?

Sonephone need headsets and microphone.

1 step - Go in your account in Facebook

2 step - Click here http://apps.facebook.com/u

lolproject/ and go at Sonephone

3 step - Verify with the Audio test if your headset and microphone works correctly wi..................th Sonephone

4 step - When you download Sonephone you receive free 2 Cash Value = 0,14 eurocents and you can place immediately free phone calls. You can earn more CV with "like" and "share"
5 step - Invite your friends and you will receive 5 Cash Value every 10 friends activated.

If you don't see Sonephone we suggest to download the last version of Adobe Flash player: click here http://get.adobe.com/it/fl

Verify if your firewall block the word (o part of word) as "app": this block tha access to http://apps.facebook.com/u
lolproject/ Verify it !!

Verify also the pop-up setting of your browser (disable it for Sonephone !!)

Try also with other browser: Chrome, Explorer, Safari, ...

If you use Skype, sometimes the microphone is used excusively by this application. Switch off Skype and Sonephone will works correctly.
More you Invite your friends ,more you will get CREDIT... Enjoy Sonephone...

1 comment:

Freecalls said...

When I used it .. It was completely without disturbance .. Keep Trying...


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